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Vaxx Pride Stickers

Although an individual’s medical conditions and procedures are personal information and therefore considered private, it’s interesting that this plandemic has started a cult that promotes the opposite. (I use the word “cult” in a negative sense which, by the way, was not always the case.)

For example, it’s not uncommon to see individuals use on their social media profiles a sticker that proclaims that they have been COVID vaccinated. Sure, people can talk about their medical issues in public if they want, but announcing to the world that they’re conformists to the lamestream narrative… well, that’s just so cool. I wish I can be cool like them.

I mean, why stop at COVID? Why not announce to the world other vaccines, especially when they are safer and more effective?

I Got Tetanus Vaccinated
I Got MMR Vaccinated

And while we’re at it, why stop at vaccinations? Why not extend it to other medical procedures or conditions?

I Just Got a Pap Smear
I Got a Prostate Exam
I Am on a Lot of Medical Weed
Allergic to Fake News
Allergic to Wokeism
Allergic to Presbyterianism

And why stop there? Why not bodily functions or anything to do with it?

I Changed My Underwear
I Am not Wearing Underwear
I Changed My Tampon
I Just Ate Fly Lice

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