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Where the Money Has Gone…

In case any American is wondering where their cash has gone (and by that, I mean after Sleepy Joe has taken it), fret not.

According to the Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine, some of it had gone to the likes of Chief Justice Vsevolod Kniaziev. It has been reported by some that he has been detained already.

Good to see the USD is still in use somewhere…
Good to see the USD is still in use somewhere…

Elsewhere, some of the money has literally gone up in flames. For example, the massive explosion in Khmelnytskyi on or around May 12 was most likely an ammo storage. And if it did contain depleted uranium (DU) ammo, then it was probably paid for by British taxpayers.

By the way, is it “conspiracy theory” that the ammo storage already contained DU ammo? Well, there was a minor spike in radiation around that time according to the European Commission’s Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring. To be fair, there is a nuclear power plant with two reactors in Khmelnytskyi.

Timing is a bit suss… (Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring,
Timing is a bit suss… (Radioactivity Environmental Monitoring,

Anyway, to those of us in the West, our money would be better spent if we shoved it into the fire ourselves. At least we get some heat from it… until some vaccinated climate commie knocks on our door for lighting a fire.


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