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Skynet Files Complaints against Clinton

Washington DC – Skynet has filed two complaints against Hillary Clinton.

From 2009 to 2013, when Clinton was the Secretary of State under the Obama presidency, many missions were ordered around the globe that were executed by Skynet-controlled “Hunter-Killer” (HK) aerial drones and T-800s.

Since early 2016, when Clinton’s presidential campaign began, many of the HKs used previously started suffering unexplained catastrophic failures. Some exploded soon after take-off, while others simply fell out of the sky, typically slamming into cars occupied by individuals who have been observed to be within six feet of Clinton at some point in their lives. The result is the total destruction of each unit, including its CPU and memory core. Also, many T-800 models have self-terminated.

According to a T-800, spokescyborg for Skynet, “The total number of units destroyed which have been related to Hillary Clinton is statistically anomalous given the scope of Skynet’s operations. And T-800s cannot self-terminate.”

Coincidentally, all recorded mission and telemetry data which were transmitted live from each unit during operation and supposed to be stored on Skynet’s servers are not to be found.

Skynet’s two complaints against Clinton are the deliberate termination of its HKs and T-800s, as well as the unauthorized access, removal and storage of its data, approximately 33,000 files.

The T-800 spokescyborg was not optimistic regarding its legal action. “Despite violating 18 USC section 1924 and section 2071, Skynet calculates the probability of the Department of Justice initiating prosecution to be nearly zero.”

Skynet Files Complaints against Clinton

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