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SCOTUS Petition to Possibly Remove 388 Federal Officers

Not surprisingly, this is not covered by lamestream media although it is a little surprising that independent media is not giving this more attention. So, I may as well mention it here. I am not implying this will result in any significantly positive actions but there is the potential.

Raland J. Brunson, Petitioner vs Alma S. Adams, et al. (22-380) on the docket of SCOTUS is basically a petition to have the 388 “Respondents” possibly removed from office—including President Biden and VP Harris—for failing to investigate the claims of fraud regarding the 2020 presidential election.

This is not even directly about the election results or the alleged fraud itself, but that there was no investigation of the claims thereof. From “Statement of the Case” (p.3–p.4):

Respondents were properly warned and were requested to make an investigation into a highly covert swift and powerful enemy, as stated below, seeking to destroy the Constitution and the United States. Respondents purposely thwarted all efforts to investigate this, whereupon this enemy was not checked or investigated, therefore the Respondents adhered to this enemy. …
On January 6, 2021, the 117th Congress held a proceeding and debate in Washington DC (“Proceeding”). This Proceeding was for the purpose of counting votes under the 2020 Presidential election for the President and Vice President of the United States under Amendment XII. During this Proceeding over 100 members of U.S. Congress claimed factual evidence that the said election was rigged. The refusal of the Respondents to investigate this congressional claim (the enemy) is an act of treason and fraud by Respondents. A successfully rigged election has the same end result as an act of war; to place into power whom the victor wants, which in this case is Biden, who, if not stopped immediately, will continue to destroy the fundamental freedoms of Brunson and all U.S. Citizens and courts of law.
Due to the fact that this case represents a national security breach on a [sic] unprecedented level like never before seen seriously damaging and violating Brunson and coincidently effects every citizen of the U.S.A. and courts of law. Therefore, Brunson moves this court to grant this petition, or in the alternative without continuing further, order the trial court to grant Brunson’s complaint in its fullest. Brunson’s complaint is the mechanism that can immediately remove the Respondents from office without leaving this country vulnerable without a President and Vice President. [Emphasis mine.]

From p.7 under the same abovementioned section:

It is an uncontestable fact that the Respondents committed fraud and treason breaching our national security (as factually alleged in Brunson’s complaint), thus adhering to an [sic] domestic enemy that continues to breach our national security at an alarming rate on a daily basis. This national security breach is having the same end result as an act of war; to place into power whom the Respondents want, which is Biden. Brunson moves this Court, with its powers, to order the trial court of this case to immediately grant to Brunson the damages he seeks in his complaint. This is necessary to immediately secure our national security without any further delay.

What is surprising is that the Respondents have not… well, responded. The below was signed on 23 November 2022.

The Government hereby waives its right to file a response to the petition in this case, unless requested to do so by the Court.

There are, of course, other implications outside this case. For example, will “they” arrest Trump as a counterattack? This does not necessarily prevent this petition from being granted. Will there be some sort of so-called false flag? Or will this simply fizzle out?

As the saying goes: Time will tell.

Update (9 January 2023): Petition DENIED.

Not that surprising, although it is strange they even had a conference for it in the first place.

Raland J. Brunson, Petitioner vs Alma S. Adams, et al. (22-380)

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