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Sidney Powell: They’ve Been Electronically Rigging Votes since 2000

A few weeks ago, a short post by Sidney Powell at Defending the Republic reveals that electronic vote-rigging has been going since at least the year 2000.

The post includes a short video of just under 12 minutes of a testimony from Clinton Curtis who was a computer programmer. He testified that he was asked to write a program that can (secretly) fix elections. More videos can be found here.

In another post, Ms Powell provides two US patents of interest that date back to 2005 and 2006:

  • US 7,549,049 B2 is titled “Dynamic Auditing of Electronic Elections”, filed 8 July 2005.

  • US 7,377,431 B2 is titled “System and Method for Overcoming Decision Making and Communications Errors to Produce Expedited and Accurate Group Choices”, filed 2 October 2006.

Sounds very proper. Except that this “dynamic auditing” and “overcoming … errors to produce … accurate group choices” sounds like code for rigging.


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