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Over 440k “Unknown” Votes in Pennsylvania

There has been quite a bit going on regarding election audits. Whilst every discrepancy is important in itself, each instance of such is not necessarily quantitatively significant.

Maybe I am missing something but I have yet to see a report or regular reports of findings. One would think for the benefit of the public and as a form of life insurance for those involved that regular reports be posted. One may collate and beautify the final report later.

Anyway, there is an interesting research brief from Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF). Whilst the brief is very brief and doesn’t explain details, it claims that it found 440,781 ballots in Pennsylvania which are “unknown”, as in officials “simply do not know what happened”.

Biden’s winning margin was 81,660. Both the “unknown” and winning margin are way off previous instances.

If this sounds familiar… well, it is. Same crap, different state.


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