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Latest Study Brings Good News to Vaccinated Women

Given no few studies have been published regarding unexpected vaginal bleeding in women after receiving mRNA vaccines, Feiser Research conducted an independent study.

It found that “there is no causal link between the mRNA vaccines and menstrual anomalies”.

The study claims a large sample of 24,551 trans women, most of whom had received at least one dose of the mRNA vaccines between February 2021 and June 2023. Approximately 67% had received two doses and 20% had received three doses.

“What we found was astonishing,” said Dr Buller, head researcher. “Zero, I mean zero trans women experienced abnormal vaginal bleeding.”

Buller and his team therefore conclude that the mRNA vaccines remain “safe and effective” and recommend people to continue to get boosters, even if they already had ten of them.

The study also reviewed other health conditions. “We did find about 50% of the study group bled out of their asses but that’s normal for them apparently,” said Buller.


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