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Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances by Michael E. Salla

Dr Michael E. Salla presents evidence of so-called secret space programs and their connections to extraterrestrial civilizations. This book was first published in 2015 and is the first in the series.

It is plainly written and the content is intriguing. In that regard, it is mostly easy to read. Although properly printed and bound on paper of good quality, it seems to be self-published, so more rigorous editing and a proper layout design would improve the work.

Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs & Extraterrestrial Alliances by Michael E. Salla

Structurally, the author begins with descriptions of the technology involved before going through the history, generally progressing from pre-WWII. This is mostly fine. Initially, due to the different factions involved, the chronology may seem a little muddled.

As the narrative delves deeper into behind-the-scenes activities and extraterrestrial connections, the supporting evidence becomes scant. The author admits that he is mostly relying on the testimony of one particular insider named Corey Goode, and although there is plenty of corroborating circumstantial evidence (including from others who claim to be insiders), there is much conjecture and most of it is impossible to verify.

Nonetheless, the claims are interesting and below are some general points.

  • Pre-WWII Nazi Germany and Italy were developing electro-gravitics and magnetic field disruption as a means of propulsion or to aid propulsion.

  • Towards and at the end of WWII, German scientists were transferred abroad, including to South America and Antarctica to continue their work.

  • Operation Highjump (1946–1947) was officially the US Navy’s attempt to determine the feasibility of establishing and maintaining a presence in Antarctica. As others claim, this operation was also an attempt to deal with the German presence in the continent but failed since the American fleet was outclassed by the German’s advanced technology.

  • US President Harry S. Truman authorized Operation Majestic Twelve (MJ-12) to reverse engineer Nazi technology.

The above are no secret and are generally true. The below, however, is difficult to verify.

  • Nazi SS, Thule Society and Vril Society had their separate programs, the former two interested in the occult and the Vril interested in peaceful applications.

  • Nazi elements infiltrated Operation Paperclip and in turn the US military-industrial complex, taking advantage of the US’s corporate and industrial capabilities.

  • US has a program called “Solar Warden” and, over the decades, has developed a fleet of ships of various classes. Although personnel from UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are employed, it is primarily a US military program.

  • There are other programs. The Nazi SS/Vril program was the “forerunner” to the “Dark Fleet” that works alongside the Draco Alliance, an imperialistic reptilian race that uses captives as slaves.

  • MJ-12 later became a rogue operation with CIA involvement, circumventing the military-run Solar Warden and the US President, at the time Eisenhower.

  • Secret deals between the Nazis and the Truman and Eisenhower administrations were made.

  • MJ-12 continued to grow given its successful infiltration of the government, including intelligence circles, and its access to the US military-industrial complex. The author simply labels this the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC).

  • MJ-12 and ICC are involved in human trafficking and slave trading with civilizations from other star systems in order to acquire technology. Given the Nazi infiltration of the US military-industrial complex, the ICC has ties to the Dark Fleet.

  • During the 1980s, US President Reagan called for international cooperation in the face of a hypothetical extraterrestrial threat on multiple occasions. It was during this time that the Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN) was possibly formed in order to involve other countries and pool resources.

  • There are other smaller Special Access Programs (SAPs), some of which have less oversight than others and can therefore easily go rogue.

  • It is claimed that Jade Helm 15 was a test for AI using quantum computing “to see how successful AI is in anticipating civilian responses to military efforts to assert hegemony over a domestic battlefield scenario where civilians are in open revolt”.

  • It is also claimed there is an alien AI signal that can infiltrate technological and biological systems. This may explain certain individuals and companies promoting AI over humans in recent years.

  • Certain civilians tried to develop their own programs using electro-gravitics for propulsion but were shut down and discredited by certain US government agencies, agencies suspected to be controlled by MJ-12.

  • It is claimed there are five to seven programs run by ancient civilizations that continue today. The “majority of them” have been and are deceptive, claiming to be extraterrestrial. Some, however, are benevolent, rescuing and rehabilitating human slaves.

  • There are multiple groups who are extraterrestrial, all with their own agenda.

  • There is a tentative Earth alliance of various factions who are against the Cabal/Illuminati that control the “Babylonian Money Magic System”; that is, the current debt-based financial system.

  • The abovementioned Earth alliance is supported by an advanced extraterrestrial Sphere Being Alliance. This alliance is non-violent and has put into place an outer barrier around the solar system and an inner barrier around Earth that prevents travel in and out of the system. This is in effect a blockade which has trapped and hindered any group/faction that is operating in this system, including the Draco Alliance.

  • The Draco Alliance claims to have powerful extra-dimensional (ED) overlords and has made threats against the Earth/Sphere Being Alliance if the blockade is not lifted. These ED beings are supposedly responsible for the AI threat.

  • The blockade by the Sphere Being Alliance seems to be reinforcing a previous one installed by the “Guardians” who want to give the inhabitants of Earth the opportunity to choose their path to ascend or evolve.

  • There is currently a “disclosure race” between the Sphere Being Alliance and the Cabal/Illuminati, the latter obviously wanting to control the narrative in order to preserve their position.

  • There are many “federations” of extraterrestrial groups, all with their own agenda.

  • The moon is like Antarctica where multiple factions have their bases and is considered neutral or diplomatic ground.

  • There are bases on Mars, including those belonging to the ICC that utilizes slave labor to run their industry.

  • It is stated that human beings on Earth contain genetic material from many races without explicitly commenting on the origin.

  • Corey Goode served in the Solar Warden program on a “20-year” contract. At its completion, he was age-regressed and sent back to the point in time of when he left. The 20-year tour was carried out isolated from Earth history. This is consistent to two other whistleblowers and the author dedicates a chapter comparing the three accounts.

There is much consistency within the account and, as already mentioned, there is much corroborating evidence. In my opinion, the main weaknesses are the lack of explanation regarding time travel and how it deals with problems of causality (apart from the material isolation of the subject’s off-world timeline from their Earth’s timeline), and the lack of opinion from these extraterrestrials regarding Earth’s major religions as well as the origin of the universe. One would think extraterrestrials who are interested in Earth and its history to have an opinion one way or another.

Of course, even if none of the parties mentioned are liars and assuming the story is not a complicated psyop, it is not unrealistic that each party’s own views could be mistaken. In that sense, what is presented can be generally true and discrepancies can still be reconciled. As usual, more detail would be helpful, but what is presented is worth considering.


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