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Phil Schneider’s Talks on Alien-NWO Agenda

Phil Schneider, 1995
Phil Schneider, 1995

Phil Schneider (23 April 1947 – 17 January 1996) was a geologist and engineer who had 17 years of experience working on so-called black projects for the US government. He was a whistleblower who gave talks in 1995 and was soon afterward found dead.

Amongst other things, he talked about:

  • deep underground military bases (DUMBs)

  • alien technology

  • the so-called alien agenda and the NWO agenda (which he considered the same thing) that includes population reduction.

Credit goes to the arcana-x channel on Brighteon for posting Schneider’s talks, divided into 12 parts each approximately at 15 minutes. This is not the only place Schneider’s talks can be found. Parts 1–5 (finishing partway) is from Preparedness Expo ’95 and Parts 5–12 (starting partway) is from another talk also dated 1995.

It is impossible to verify Schneider’s claims, and some are merely his opinions and suspicions. In any case, he is consistent to other accounts.

Below are some points taken collectively from the videos, not intended as a complete summary. Since he speaks from experience, he is not particularly structured. But he does seem to frame it on his perceived corruption of the US government, the motivation for his whistleblowing.

The points below are loosely grouped into two categories: (1) his comments regarding the US government, and (2) the DUMBs and the alien-NWO agenda. Although the former is a subset of the latter, this is simply a more structured way to present the information.

US Government Corruption

  • The so-called black budget “sidesteps” Congress and uses up to one-quarter of the GDP.

  • In the past 22 years, 11 of his best friends have been murdered, 8 of them ruled “suicide”.

  • The US Navy spends about 1/16 of their allocated black budget to psychological programming techniques through the RAND Corporation.

  • He thinks the “STAR WARS program” was for the alien threat, not necessarily for the Cold War.

  • The UN is a “world dictatorship body”.

  • He considers many, but not all, politicians as “parasites” who have lied to and betrayed the people they serve. He cites the World Trade Center bombing [February 1993] and Oklahoma City bombing [April 1995] as examples since the official explanations do not explain the extensive damage.

  • The US government constantly equips and arms its forces, implying that they may be used against the population at some point in the future.

  • The San Francisco [1989] and Kobe [1995] earthquakes were caused by a Tesla device. Tesla did not intend the technology to be used for evil.

  • He believes there won’t be another election.

  • He predicts that within a ten-year period of implementation of “gun control”, all freedoms will be removed.

  • He believes the Constitution is trampled on and, at this rate, there won’t a country left “in six months”. [Although the timing of his prediction did not come true, what he generally predicted is currently happening.]

DUMBs and the Alien-NWO Agenda

  • In 1954, President Eisenhower signed the Greada Treaty with three alien races. (Only three were known at the time.) The treaty allows the US to deal with alien technology but the aliens may experiment on humans and animals.

  • The US government (and Germany) knew about flying saucer technology as early as 1933.

  • For every calendar year, military technology increases 44.5 years.

  • Alien technology, particularly exotic alloys, are used in stealth aircraft and submarines.

  • He initially knew of 6 crystal systems, but there are 15 including alien types.

  • NASA space shuttles carry metals to space for fabrication because these processes require vacuum or near-vacuum.

  • A-bomb detonations open up dimensional portal. They drew the attention of the aliens. [He did not elaborate on either point.]

  • There are 131 active DUMBs in the US and 1,477 worldwide. It used to take a few years to build but can now build two per year. (He mentioned 129 in another talk.)

  • High-speed maglev monorail that can travel up to Mach 2 connects these bases.

  • These bases (which are like cities) are on average 1 mile below the surface. In terms of size, they can be from 2 to 4 cubic miles [audio unclear].

  • Drilling machines can do up to 7 miles per day. Some of the tunnels are 3.5 miles below the surface.

  • In 1979, during the construction of an underground base in New Mexico, machines kept on breaking down. The alien race referred to as “greys” were believed to have been encamped there for four or five hundred years, they having basically built on top of them. (The US government knew about the alien threat but did not inform the teams working on the construction.)

  • Schneider came across some whilst checking the machinery. He shot and killed two before one waved its hand over a box-like device on its chest which then emitted a beam. This beam hit Schneider in the chest [scar shown in the video], “burnt” off his left thumb and two fingers [visible in the video]. It also burnt his toenails and a shoe off of him. A green beret saved his life. In that firefight, 66 agents lost their lives.

  • He received a dose of cobalt radiation from that alien weapon and suspects his cancer was due to that weapon.

  • Since [at least?] 1979, US and Russia, amongst other militaries of the world, have been in “constant conflict” with the alien threat.

  • As part of the alien-NWO agenda and their control of the US government, there was a contract for 107,200 railway cars each with 143 pairs of shackles. This can accommodate over 15 million people. [There were 11 contracts but it is unclear how the aforementioned figures apply.]

  • In answer to a question, he described underground prisons. [The question is unclear in the video, but he was probably referring to the DUMBs.]

  • The face on Mars is real, indicating a civilization that once lived on it.

  • There are bases on Mars.

  • There are 11 distinct alien races; 2 are benevolent, and 1 had to leave because their world is always under attack.

  • He mentioned one alien who has worked with/for the US for 56 or 58 years. He “hasn’t changed” (aged) in that time. He is highly intelligent, looks human and speaks many languages. They carry germs on them that are deadly to humans so he doesn’t shake hands.

  • He suspects that it is possible that some of our diseases were engineered from whatever these aliens were carrying.

  • AIDS was “invented” in Chicago in 1972 with ties to the CDC. They used glandular excretions of animals, humans and aliens. Humans have no defense against germs carried by these aliens.

  • The alien agenda is the complete takeover of this planet with the killing of 5/6 to 7/8 of the world’s population by the year 2029, with the rest to be used as slaves. The US military has known about this for 45 years.

  • Nine of the alien races consider humans as food, making use of our glandular secretions and getting high off of our adrenal glands.

  • There are 100,000 children are unaccounted for by law enforcement. He thinks they have been taken away to alien camps/tunnels and eaten.

  • Asteroid body “Nemesis” is heading towards Earth dragging along with it much debris. One possibility is that it will be close to Earth in the year 2052 but he is uncertain.


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