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The US Navy’s Secret Space Program & Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance by Michael E. Salla

Dr Michael E. Salla presents evidence of so-called secret space programs and their connections to extraterrestrial civilizations. This book was first published in 2017 and is Book 2 of the Secret Space Programs Series.

The US Navy’s Secret Space Program & Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance by Michael E. Salla

As the title states, this book focuses on the program run by the US Navy and the extraterrestrials referred to as the Nordics. Although not absolutely necessary to read Book 1 which was first published in 2015, it may be helpful to do so since it covers some general history, the various space programs and the parties associated with them. That said, there is some overlap anyway.

Like Book 1, it is plainly written and easy to read. The information is from insider William Tompkins who had worked with the US Navy and Douglas Aircraft Company. Tompkins claims he was “covertly sanctioned by the Navy” for this disclosure. He has also written his own books.

Obviously, given the nature of the information, much of it is impossible to verify even if some of it can be corroborated by other accounts and most of it seems plausible. Since Tompkins is the source, Salla begins the book with some history, including Tompkins’s personal history of how he began his career in the US Navy working on intelligence and distributing “briefing packets” to other parties regarding so-called UFOs. Salla also reproduces some exhibits such as official documents from Tompkins’s own books.

Below are some key points, not intended as a summary. My occasional comment is in square brackets [ ].

  • On the night of 24 and 25 February 1942, as many as 15 unidentified aircraft were detected over Los Angeles. Some were flying at high speeds. There were no casualties and the incident was officially explained as a false alarm. There were claims that some were shot down but this is officially denied.

  • After the abovementioned incident, the US Army’s G2 set up the Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit to investigate UFOs, even though it was dismissed as an insignificant project. Naval Intelligence formed its own investigative groups.

  • Pre-WWII Nazi Germany and Italy were already developing electro-gravitics as a means of propulsion.

  • Germany had two programs. One was civilian that predated Nazi Germany and was helped by a group of Nordics who communicated through mediums including one called Maria Orsic. The other was run by the Nazi SS, sponsored by the Reptilians with the aim of building space carrier fleets for conquests of other planets.

  • Even before WWII, Germany moved resources to Antarctica. Towards the end of the war, scientists and equipment were transferred to continue their work. These underground bases were set up with the help of Reptilians.

  • Tompkins had heard that German programs achieved space travel, including to the moon, Mars and even other planets, although some ended in disaster.

  • Although the US did not develop this advanced technology during WWII, they gathered what information they could. As early as 1945, Project RAND (later RAND Corporation) was set up with the involvement of Donald Douglas (and therefore Douglas Aircraft Company) and individuals from the US military as a think tank that studied advanced technology and the implications of alien threats, including formulating policy.

  • However, the US Army Air Force (and later USAF) considered space as its turf, and RAND and Douglas soon “divorced”, in effect setting back US Navy’s efforts. Tompkins began working for Douglas in 1951.

  • US President Harry S. Truman authorized Operation Majestic Twelve (MJ-12) to reverse engineer Nazi technology. The memo is dated 24 September 1947.

  • The USAF was apparently aligned with the Reptilians-Nazi alliance, including the so-called Tall Whites or Tall Grays. The US Navy, including high-level individuals such as James Forrestal, was aligned with the Nordics who were against the Reptilians. Their intention was to develop fleets with the US Navy to fight the Reptilians in the future. The Reptilian-USAF faction would commit industrial espionage against the US Navy’s program.

  • It is suspected that the firing and subsequent “suicide” of US Secretary of Defense James Forrestal was related to the struggles between these secret programs.

  • Nordics “infiltrated” the program and communicated information through their “contactees” such as Tompkins, in effect helping direct the program in the right direction. This occurred with the knowledge and approval of Naval Intelligence.

  • Douglas was not the only company that was involved in spacecraft construction: “It is worth pointing out that Lockheed Martin (formally Lockheed) and Northrup Grumman (formally Northrup), along with Douglas Aircraft Company, had received briefing packets from Tompkins from 1943 to 1946. Tompkins says that Lockheed’s top secret think tank, ‘Skunk Works,’ which was officially formed in June 1943, emerged as a direct result of the contents of the briefing packets he delivered. In 1997, Boeing absorbed McDonnell Douglas, which had previously formed out of the 1967 merger between Douglas Aircraft Company and McDonnell Aircraft. Consequently, the three main corporations responsible for building and upgrading the Navy’s eight space battle fleets, which were constructed in secret Utah locations since the 1980’s, can all be directly traced to the original companies that received Tompkins’ briefing packets.”

  • The fleets for the US Navy ranged from 1km to 2.4km long, the latter being space carriers.

  • US Navy fleets under the “Solar Warden” program have been built and jointly operating with the Nordic fleets since the 1980s. According to Tompkins: “For every ten Nordic Navy battle groups, the Reptilians have 100. So we’re sort of at a disadvantage, by numbers, but a Nordic Navy has been tremendously supportive of us. Our Navy works with them and actually is at war not just with Reptilians out in space but several other bad civilizations.”

  • It is possible that Gene Roddenberry created Star Trek based on information given to him as part of some “soft disclosure” process given his connection to Leslie Stevens IV, creator of The Outer Limits and son of a US Navy admiral who was involved in covert operations.

  • Similarly, it is possible that Glen A. Larson created Battlestar Galactica as a warning of the dangers of civilizations that depend too much on AI. This is corroborated by author Stefano Breccia and Corey Goode (source for Book 1). In short, there is a real AI threat against humanity, including those physically indistinguishable from humans.

  • Tompkins worked for Douglas for about 12 years before being fired for getting involved with NASA by “going over corporate heads”. This was possibly due to Reptilian influence that had infiltrated Douglas.

  • NASA was a cover for the US Navy’s four-stage program called Nova. Stage 1 was the Apollo moon landings. Stage 2 was to put 10,000 people on the Moon. Stage 3 was to place bases on planetary bodies in our Solar System. Stage 4 was to place bases in 12 adjoining star systems.

  • However, the program in effect ended after the first moon landing due to the presence of much larger and obviously more advanced ships. A transmission was received that in effect warned them to not return. [No comment is made regarding the footage that is publicly shown which many question.] With the assistance of the Nordics, the Navy’s first battlegroups utilizing electro-gravitics were constructed and eventually deployed in the early 1980s.

  • Earlier versions of vessels using electro-gravitic propulsion were conversions from nuclear submarines. Such vessels were first deployed in the 1970s.

  • Solar Warden operates 8 fleets and a lunar command base. These fleets are getting old, so 12 new fleets are planned and scheduled to be fully operational in about 2030.

  • The Reptilians and some Earth programs are involved in slave labor and human trafficking. Due to this issue, there is a push to disclose this information with the nefarious parties involved (including the Earth’s “elites”) negotiating for a delayed and limited disclosure.

  • There are races that have entered our solar system to monitor our activities. Regarding large bodies: “It’s been accepted that we have a number of different vehicles, which are actually planets that are hollow, that move through the galaxy to monitor good guys and bad guys, wars and no wars, people taking advantage of other people on different stars’ planets, and that, as of about a year and a half ago, one of these parked just outside of the solar system. And it has been there for the past year and a half. And this vehicle is quite large, and it has over 2,000 different extraterrestrial civilization people on board as observers and as monitors.”

  • The above corroborates what is mentioned in Book 1, that the non-violent Sphere Being Alliance has put into place an outer barrier around the solar system and an inner barrier around Earth which has trapped and hindered any group/faction that is operating in this system, including the Reptilians.

  • There is the mention of the “solar sneeze” that will send highly charged energy to Earth, possibly disrupting communications, the planet’s magnetic field and even life. Related to this, the Sphere Being Alliance “act as a buffer for the cosmic energies coming into our solar system that initiate enormous changes for all life in our region of the galaxy and trigger the sun into hyperactivity”.

  • The author discusses the apparent “limited disclosure” by former Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge with the support of USAF and links to John Podesta and Hillary Clinton, noting some major discrepancies between the account written by DeLonge and the accounts of Goode and Tompkins. For example, DeLonge’s account of Operation Highjump involves some success whereas the latter two are of defeat. The author suspects, amongst other possibilities, that the USAF limited disclosure is a “limited hangout operation” which is a sort of cover story but one containing some truths. Another obvious possibility is that USAF program is simply different to the US Navy’s and programs are multi-layered anyway. [Can one trust the USAF program, Podesta and Clinton anyway?]

  • The author discusses the possibility that President Donald J. Trump is backed by the US Navy and “Earth Alliance” given his support for the US Navy. Also, given what was at the time of publishing (2017) the intended cooperation between President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin [and some degree of it could be observed since], the author discusses Russia’s role in these affairs, including possible future “full disclosure”. According to Goode, the “Earth Alliance” includes the so-called White Hats and the BRICS nations.

  • The Nordics and US Navy program have extended life technologies.

  • A “flash-frozen civilization” was discovered in Antarctica. The author discusses the possibility of disclosure related to this. Of course, the author does not discount the possibility that a disclosure acts as a distraction for some other event/problem.

As already mentioned, it is impossible to verify much of this. The weaknesses of this book are the same as Book 1. Other than that, the information provided by Tompkins is consistent to Goode’s account as presented in Book 1.


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