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Imperial Hostage Rescue Operation Leaves 274 Ewoks Dead

Endor (GNS) – Two days ago, the Empire carried out a military operation that rescued 4 stormtrooper hostages held by the Rebel Ewoks on Endor, killing more than 270 Ewok civilians according to Rebel Alliance health officials.

Since then, details have emerged of the daring daytime operation which took weeks of planning.

It was a densely packed forest and heavily populated by Ewok civilians. Imperial stormtroopers arrived in two groups late in the morning.

Witnesses reported that some stormtroopers were not wearing their usual white uniforms but were wearing green camo. The Empire declined to comment regarding uniforms.

Almost immediately after the imperial forces arrived, they were exchanging fire with Ewok militants.

“I saw them stormtroopers,” said Luke who visiting his sister in the area. “They had armor as well, those AT-STs. There was blaster fire, grenades and shells and trees were exploding everywhere!”

Other witnesses claimed “hundreds of shells” were used during the short operation.

An imperial official initially told Galactic News Service that Lord Vader was on the ground supporting the effort. However, this was later denied.

“Whilst Lord Vader was in the Endor system, he was not on the ground,” said an imperial military spokesman. “He was attending to other matters.”

The rescued hostages were later flown to the medical center on Death Star II. Although many details are still unclear, what is clear is that at least 274 Ewoks are dead with 698 injured, including children, and 250 acres of forest flattened.

Dead Ewoks

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