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Empire Calls for Civilians to Leave Alderaan

Empire Calls for Civilians to Leave Alderaan

Galactic Senate, Coruscant (GNS) – The Imperial Armed Forces on Friday called for all civilians of Alderaan, more than 2 billion people, to relocate within 24 hours as it moved its latest super-weapon in response to an attack by the Rebellion over the weekend.

The Senate noted that evacuating everyone was practically impossible given the lack of capital ships due to the Empire’s restrictions.

High-level officials led by Princess Leia Organa, a native of Alderaan, conducted urgent talks at an imperial space station amid fears that the conflict would escalate. The Rebels have threatened a response.

Pro-Rebellion protests have been held throughout the Empire and Imperial forces fear they could be targeted after the “unprovoked attacks” over the weekend.

“We are ready to join the fight against imperial atrocities,” said Luke, 19, a moisture farmer from Tatooine.

The Imperial Armed Forces promised to operate “significantly” in the coming days as Grand Moff Tarkin stated, “Now is a time for war.”

He further urged civilians of Alderaan to leave the planet. “Evacuate in the direction of the incoming moon for your own safety and distance yourself from the Rebel terrorists who are using you as human shields,” he said.

Tarkin added that the attack by the Rebels on an imperial military installation means the Empire is justified in committing genocide because Alderaan may have a few crates of weapons buried somewhere.


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