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France Passes Ukraine Bilateral Agreement, Finland Discussing It Too

For a country that hasn’t won a real war in recent memory, Macron seems way too eager to start a war with Russia.

The French National Assembly on Tuesday passed the bilateral agreement with Ukraine. The package includes weapons and training. Even if nothing is mentioned regarding the deployment of French troops to Ukraine, this is no doubt a step towards it.

In other words, it’s a form of salami tactics.

France is not the only one. The UK signed a bilateral agreement with Ukraine in mid-January. Germany did likewise in mid-February and Canada in late February.

Finland and Ukraine are reportedly discussing it too. Keep in mind that Finland has been a NATO member since April 2023 and actually shares a border with Russia.

The way things are going, signing bilateral agreements with Ukraine may as well be an Olympic event in Paris later this year.

These countries with bilateral agreements with Ukraine may, as the term “bilateral” imply, claim to be acting independently of NATO if/when they act. But several questions come to mind with these arrangements…

  • Are countries really acting independently when they are NATO members anyway?

  • And of no less importance, will Russia consider these countries’ actions as independent if/when they act?

  • Can you smell the burning sulfur?


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