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France & Civil War

On April 21, an open letter by some 20 retired French generals was first published in the magazine Valeurs Actuelles. The letter reportedly stated that “France is in peril” due, at least in part, to the current religious-cultural divisions in the country and warned of “civil war.” Marine Le Pen voiced her support and, of course, various views were thrown around—business as usual.

As I am unable to read the original French, I cannot make any specific comments. Nonetheless, more generally, I am not surprised at the sentiments. What is interesting is that it is the ex-military making these comments in an open letter. Is it merely “talk” or is it a threat? On the surface, it appears to be the former for now.

Then a second open letter was published. The letter appears to be similar to the first in spirit, but this one was reportedly written by active military personnel. The exact numbers and their ranks are not stated.

But that is not all. A few days ago, a report of a poll was published. Apparently, 44% of police and military personnel would support Le Pen in the first round of the 2022 presidential election, compared to 20% for Macron. In the second round, support for Le Pen increased to 60%. Whilst 10,000 people were surveyed, only 144 belonged to “security forces”. That is not a huge sample, but it is nonetheless interesting. Given all that, I can only infer that this sentiment is probably widespread.

Also interesting is the open letter by retired US generals and admirals published on or around May 10, questioning the validity of the election as well as domestic and foreign policy.

When ex-military makes such public comments, one has to wonder about the state of the country and the world in general. And given the way the US election was conducted and the current circumstances, will the French even have one? If so, will it be legitimate? Or will there be, whether genuine and/or instigated by a false flag event, a civil war? Either way, how will this play out globally?

No doubt some people, including Americans, simply don’t care about the French. Sure, we can joke about how they haven’t won a war in recent memory and we can joke about how they riot about something every week anyway, but they are still a major power and what happens to them impacts the rest of us. And, rightly or wrongly, they did help the US in achieving independence, so a little sympathy and a little prayer support are not uncalled for.

To take a broader historical-prophetical view, it is necessary to keep in mind that France has always played a big role in Church and world history for much of the past two thousand years. One could say France has been favored by many graces and she has made many positive contributions over the centuries. The French Revolution was no small matter when the Catholic monarchy was overthrown and liberalism seemingly won. It was as if France had turned her back on God and dragged down the rest of Christendom with her (without implying other nations and parties were free from blame). One could consider that to be the start of the modern age and we still suffer the results of that today.

Many prophecies referring to these times mention France specifically. Most predict much mayhem of various types, including internal problems, before some sort of restoration. What happened to France in the two world wars are just the more dramatic examples. Given God’s ironic sense of humor, this makes sense: justice demands the price to be paid but if the world is to be restored, then God may use France to do it (not necessarily exclusively but nonetheless in a significant way)—if the bad started their world revolution in France, then God may finish things His way in/from France. Indeed, many prophecies tell of a king of French descent playing a major role in some very interesting circumstances.

Below are merely a few excerpts of prophecies regarding France.

From St Remigius of Reims (b. 437 – d. 535), on Christmas Eve of 496, before the baptism of King Clovis:

The kingdom of France is predestined by God for the defense of the Roman Church, which is the only true Church of Christ. This kingdom shall one day be great among the kingdoms of the earth, and shall embrace all the limits of the Roman Empire, and shall submit all other kingdoms to its own sceptre. It shall last until the end of time. It shall be victorious and prosperous as long as it will remain faithful to the Holy Roman See, and will not be guilty of any of those crimes which ruin nations; but it shall be rudely punished every time that it will become unfaithful to its vocation.

St Remigius of Reims baptizes Clovis, 1500, Master of St Giles
St Remigius of Reims baptizes Clovis, 1500, Master of St Giles

From St John Vianney, Cure of Ars (b. 1786 – d. 1859):

The Communists of Paris after their defeat, shall spread themselves through all France and will be greatly multiplied. They shall seize arms: they shall oppress people of order. Lastly, a civil war shall break out everywhere. These wicked people shall become masters in the north, east, and southwest. They will imprison very many persons, and will be guilty of more massacres. They will attempt to kill all the priests and all the religious. But this shall not last long. People will imagine that all is lost; but the good God shall save all. It will be like a sign of the last judgement. Paris shall be changed, also two or three other cities; God shall come to help; the good shall triumph when the return of the king shall be announced. This shall re-establish a peace and prosperity without example. Religion shall flourish again better than ever before. Paris shall be demolished and burnt in earnest, but not entirely. Events shall transpire more terrible than what we have seen. However, there shall be a limit beyond which the destruction shall not go. A great triumph will be witnessed on the feast of our Lady.

To French mystic and stigmatic Marie-Julie Jahenny (b. 1850 – d. 1941), dated 20 September 1881, from the “Flame” that is presumably the voice of Our Lord in that mystical form:

For the Earth, there is no more hope of triumph, there must come first (before the triumph over evil) that the triumph of the enemies of good is in full power on all that God has created, on the world; it will arise on the Church to bury it in some way, under fire, under the violence of evil, profanity, insults, passions that the world has never seen on Earth.
Do not worry, but pray for those to whom I promised to bring to Me before the hurricane is unleashed on Earth. My power will come quickly; in an hour, I can show thousands of wonders; in one day, I can do more than My people in a century. My victims, all the servants, the time is near when unexpected doors will open for the glory of many, the confusion of many. Look, the works leading up to their summits where are attained all the glories, the wonders of the Lord who gives food to the Earth. Friends of God, as a result of these works, the breasts oppressed by evil are also ready to crack to leave vengeance explode: they are men of power. Dear friends of God, as soon as they are going to have thrown the spark which will produce a so sprawling fire as the land of the kingdom that must be subjected to this terror, they will retreat to shelter from the storm and will leave all the doors of France open; all will be able to penetrate there without a defense since it is going to be delivered at the mercy of all people, at all those who will want to take the power of the French land.

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May 17, 2021

As was told to Bernadette, true happiness cannot be found here on Earth. Maybe she was preparing us for what is happening today in the world.

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