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FAA Reveals Another Flaw in Death Star That Can Cause Explosion

Imperial Senate, Coruscant (GNS) – Another potentially disastrous flaw has been discovered on an imperial weapons platform.

The imperial military manufacturer discovered that its Death Star has poor insulation near its reactor, according to a recently proposed engineering standard revision by the FAA.

“This condition could result in the reactor exploding when an ignition source comes in from the thermal exhaust port,” stated the FAA.

This potentially catastrophic flaw would impact the entire space station.

FAA Reveals Another Flaw in Death Star That Can Cause Explosion

“By ‘entire space station’, it means it would obliterate the whole thing,” said an officer of the FAA. “It would turn 20 years of slave labor into fireworks.”

The Death Star had just recently suffered airlock malfunctions. In one instance, a freighter crashed into the hangar causing numerous deaths.

“This flaw is not an immediate safety concern as there are multiple layers of redundancies that prevent catastrophic failure, and the chances of an ignition source entering the thermal exhaust port are practically non-existent,” said an imperial spokesperson. “The Death Star has over one million personnel and we’ve already used it to blow up a planet. This station is the ultimate example of safety in the universe.”


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