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Dominion Denies Election Tampering

Dominion Denies Election Tampering

Terok Nor (FNS) – The Dominion has denied any tampering with the recent US Presidential Election.

“We take a very dim view of election interference and tampering,” said the Vorta Weyoun. “We respect the internal politics, including elections, of other worlds. Even Cardassia, which is part of the Dominion, continues to function much the same way as she is used to.”

When asked to comment on the voting machines made by Dominion Voting Systems Corporation which were allegedly used to tamper with the election in favor of Joe Biden, Weyoun was adamant that the Dominion had no involvement. “Just because the voting machines were made by an Earth company called ‘Dominion’ doesn’t mean it has anything to do with us. Such vague and baseless accusations are quite toxic.”

Gul Dukat of Cardassia made only one comment. “We don’t have elections on Cardassia. Can’t have elections stolen if you don’t have them. There, problem solved.”


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