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Deagel 2025 Forecast Cause for Concern?

As many are no doubt already aware, has been around for years regularly posting military news. One of the moderately interesting bits of information was the list of countries with the forecast for year 2025.

Whilst the list of countries with the basic stats is still available, the forecast is not. It seems this was taken down in April 2021. One must use the Wayback Machine at to access previous versions of the website. Since the website had a cosmetic update on or around 23 August 2020, the screenshots below are taken from 7 August 2020 for easier viewing.

At a glance, one can see that the so-called western countries have a significantly reduced population compared to the reductions of China and Russia. Even for countries with growth, it is minimal. This is alarming considering that there should generally be at least 1% growth rate per annum across the board. Below are merely a few examples (in alphabetical order):

  • Australia – 23.23m to 15.19m.

  • Canada – 35.62m to 26.32m.

  • China – 1.380b to 1.358b.

  • Germany – 80.59m to 28.13m.

  • Japan – 126.45m to 103.05m.

  • Russia – 142.26m to 141.83m.

  • South Korea – 51.18m to 37.09m.

  • UK – 65.65m to 14.52m.

  • US – 326.62m to 99.55m.

Deagel had some spiel about these projections, citing migration as a possible explanation and that “no pandemic or nuclear war is included in the forecast”. Some believe that Deagel is basically the CIA’s mouthpiece.

In my opinion, regardless of Deagel’s true affiliations and intent, their spiel and what specifically ends up happening, this forecast suggests the general intent of depopulation. This is no surprise to anyone familiar with the so-called new world order, zero-growth policies, population control and the like.

Given the current circumstances, “vaccination” is one method of depopulation that comes to mind. However, this does not entirely explain countries that have a reportedly high vaccine uptake but their population reduction is nowhere near the reduction forecasted for the US and UK.

Multiple methods can be utilized but a likely explanation is still war, conventional and/or nuclear, with the intent to have Russia and China emerge as victors over the US and her allies. Anything can happen and catholic prophecies indicate that Russia will not be the victor, but that does not mean the intent and playbook are not there or that the casualties will not be high either way.

Deagel 2025 Forecast, captured 7 August 2020

Deagel 2025 Forecast, captured 7 August 2020

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