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Cuban Missile Crisis 2.5

It’s no surprise when the West wants to accidentally-on-purpose start WWIII by having a massive NATO exercise in Europe, organizing the deployment of 300,000 troops, and continuously shoving weapons systems into Ukraine, that Russia will respond.

In these situations, there is typically a lot of talk and the precision of the language used varies.

Dmitry Medvedev hasn’t been shy in talking about using nukes for years now and recently said that “no one can exclude the possibility of the conflict shifting to its final stage”.

Whilst Medvedev didn’t label any particular country as the enemy, Russian Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov reportedly did. Regarding the US, he said, “We are now an enemy country for them, just as they are for us.”

Well, that is interesting.

In other news, it has just been announced that four Russian navy vessels including the cruise missile submarine Kazan (K-561) will make a port visit to Cuba. It is reported that they are not nuclear-armed.

Well, even if that is true, a sub with 32(?) cruise missiles can still do a serious amount of damage, not that psychopaths of the West care.

Kazan (K-561) (Photo: Russian MOD)
Kazan (K-561) (Photo: Russian MOD)

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