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Psychopathic West Strikes Russian Early-Warning Radar. Again.

Last week, it was reported that Ukraine carried out drone strikes on a Russian early-warning radar system in the Krasnodar region (near the eastern shores of the Black Sea).

As if that wasn’t enough of a potential escalation, it has been reported there is a second such strike in another early-warning radar system, this time in the Orenburg region (near the northwest border of Kazakhstan).

One need not be an expert to know there are different facets and layers to any half-decent early-warning system. Nonetheless, knocking out two Russian early-warning radars—assuming they truly are not operational—is not helpful to their detection capabilities.

Whilst I do know the scale of the attack, I am surprised the Russian AA defense didn’t take care of it.

In any case, these incidents can and may reasonably be interpreted as not “just another drone attack” but the first step of a larger attack such as a nuclear first strike.

To what extent will a nuclear-armed Russia tolerate this? The last time anyone counted, they had quite a few nukes. You know, just a few thousand.

It is easy to criticize Russia, and that history is another topic, but the puppet masters of the West have proven once again that they are psychopaths.

Diagram source unknown.
Diagram source unknown.

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