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Church Excommunicates Drummer for Air Drumming with Invisible Sticks

Church Excommunicates Drummer for Air Drumming with Invisible Sticks

St Paul, MN – Re-re-reformed Lutheran Church has “double excommunicated” one of their drummers for “air drumming”.

Rod Träge, a member of the church council, said, “The drummer had been previously excommunicated for playing polyrhythmics that no one could follow. But we were desperate for musicians so we asked him to come back.”

The drummer had agreed but then played through the entire service without actually playing. “My sticks were invisible,” he said.

Another member of the church council, on the condition of anonymity, said, “His air drumming wasn’t bad but everyone knows never to use full sticks in the church. He wouldn’t have got in trouble if he had used invisible lightning rods.”

Since the drummer’s previous excommunication had not been lifted, the church council decided on a “double excommunication” after a five-hour meeting. “We had to make something up for the occasion,” said Träge.


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