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Bridge Collapse 4 Aims to Barge In as a Summer Blockbuster

Hollywood, CA – In the hopes of scoring big at the box office this summer, Hollywood producers are hoping that the fourth installment of the Bridge Collapse franchise will make waves.

Bridge Collapse 4: Bridge Blowupperer is scheduled to be released in the first week of July.

“The first three films didn’t do too poorly,” said Marvin Stein, executive producer of all four films. “Obviously, the first film set in Baltimore gave us the biggest bang. As for the sequel about the Bayonne Bridge, I guess people are sick of disaster films in or near New York. Either way, we can’t come up with new ideas so why not another just blow up more bridges in Bridge Collapse 4?!”

Stein promises the fourth film will be more action-packed, involve multiple bridges and that “people will be screaming trying to get home, supermarkets and election booths”.

He also promised more diversity. “We have Indians crew the ship that crashes into the bridge in the first film,” he said. “We wanted to pretend Hollywood isn’t racist even if it meant making them look like bad guys. But don’t worry, this film will have white people as well as illegals from South America. No shortage of those. And all the white people will be racist conspiracy theorists who think the bridge collapses are all false flag events.”

An extended trailer is aimed for mid-June which will give away most of the plot anyway.

Bridge Collapse 4: Bridge Blowupperer

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