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Biden Administration Announces New Social Media Platform

Washington DC – Seemingly in response to Donald Trump announcing the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), the White House has announced that Joe Biden will also have an independent social media platform.

“President Joe Biden was thinking of starting a new platform with some link to some Chinese company,” said the administration’s social media analyst Marc Zuckerfeller. “But Donald Trump beat us to it.”

The Biden administration is nonetheless pushing ahead with its own platform. “Even though we haven’t been banned, it’s still advantageous to have our own platform,” added Zuckerfeller.

Originally, it was going to be called “Grinder”, in reference to how hard Biden works as president, particularly when trying to put together a complete sentence.

“However, after much deliberation and to avoid confusion with the existing platform,” said Zuckerfeller, “we decided to call it ‘Kindr’ because we want to be a kinder administration, especially to the likes of the Taliban and, of course, it’s a reference to kindergarten and kiddies and European words and accents… And we love kiddies. They are the future of this country.”

Biden’s new social media platform: Kindr
Biden’s new social media platform: Kindr

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