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Asian Boy Identifies as a Cat That Identifies as Human

Melbourne, Australia – An Asian boy in primary school who identifies as a cat has subsequently reverted to identifying as human.

Tommy Lee, 10, was a straight-A+++ student until three months ago when he started identifying as a cat. His parents were concerned when his average mark then dropped to A++ but thought “that the school will handle it”.

“We don’t want to discourage non-binary thinking,” said Ms Collins, one of Tommy’s teachers. “But we were a bit concerned when his parents first raised the issue. Before then, I had never even met them.”

Although the school did not deny Tommy’s claim to be a cat, his teachers did try to convince him to be a student who participates in class instead of responding to verbal requests with a glare followed by “doing his own thing”.

The school counselor eventually got involved.

“I said to him that the whole school knows he’s a boy,” said Dr Troy, “that his parents know he’s a boy, that anyone who might come across him on the street knows he’s a boy or at least human. I spent two weeks trying to convince him he’s a boy and not a cat.”

Tommy didn’t disagree. “I know I’m not a cat,” he said, “and I know the whole school and other people know I’m not a cat. But my problem is that I don’t know if all the mice out there know I’m not a cat.”

Tommy and his teachers have since agreed that he is a boy who identifies as a cat that identifies as human for the benefit of all mice.

“Quite frankly, I just don’t like being told what to do by frigging tools,” he said. “That’s essentially a cat, isn’t it?”

The school principal has not responded to requests for comment.

Asian Boy Identifies as a Cat That Identifies as Human

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