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Vic Premier Andrews: Police Escort and Bulletproof Vest for Protection against COVID

Melbourne, Australia – Victorian Premier Dan Andrews was escorted by a large number of police officers and obviously wearing a bulletproof vest on Anzac Day, prompting concerns that there may be threats to the premier’s safety.

However, the premier has dismissed such concerns.

“I love all Victorians and, other than some Liberal party members, I know Victorians love me,” said Andrews. “The police were there to protect me from COVID Omega strain or whatever we’re up to. I have no fear of the people and they shouldn’t fear me.”

When asked about the bulletproof vest, especially in light of the strict gun laws since the days of PM John Howard, Andrews answered, “The vest? What vest? I just wore a few extra layers; that was for COVID as well, can’t be too safe nowadays.”

Vic Premier Andrews (25 April 2022)

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