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The NeverEnding Story IV to be Released in 2022

Los Angeles, CA – Although the pandemic has made filmmaking more difficult in the past two years, this has not stopped the production of The NeverEnding Story IV: Infinity Loop Pandemic.

This installment is a “sort of soft reboot” that also “sort of continues” from The NeverEnding Story III released in 1994.

The premise is that a mysterious virus is sweeping through Fantasia. The Childlike Empress has been voted out of office. Despite her initial massive lead in the vote count, her evil aunt witch named Jacinda caught up and won.

Now, Queen Jacinda has imposed never-ending lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations with the help of voodoo scientists who have written their own never-ending story by taking forever to release their clinical data regarding the vaccine.

The NeverEnding Story IV

Early screenings have yielded mostly positive feedback, especially regarding the special effects. One criticism is that although the white dog dragon Falkor is featured prominently on the poster and in the trailer, he only appears in the first act, having “died suddenly” during principal photography.

“It feels like a case of false advertising,” said one test viewer. “It’s like watching Steven Seagal in that totally s— film Executive Decision where he dies after a few minutes even though he’s on the poster and everything.”

Other viewers, however, don’t seem to mind Falkor not being in this film because he’s “too white and therefore racist”.

The NeverEnding Story IV is scheduled to be released with the first booster of 2022.


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