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More Footages from Wisconsin Voting Centers

More Footages from Wisconsin Voting Centers

Milwaukee, WI – More CCTV footage from voting centers across the country have surfaced, particularly from Wisconsin where many votes for President Trump and voting machine logs were simply deleted. This follows recent footages from Pennsylvania showing hordes of zombies voting in the early hours of November 4.

The footages from Milwaukee voting centers show that groups of cybernetic-looking humanoids were counting votes.

Roberto Modeste, one of the vote counters working at the time, was baffled by their sudden appearance. “They just turned up on Election Day in the late afternoon—maybe called themselves ‘cybermen’ or something like that—and demanded to count votes. They spoke with a British accent, I think.”

Michelle Sanderson, one of the few Republican observers who was not kicked out of the center, was present on November 3. “I couldn’t see what they were doing but they kept on mumbling ‘Delete’. When I tried to take a closer look, they threatened to ‘delete’ me as well.”

Anna, a voter who also saw the “cybermen”, was left discouraged at the scene. “I had work so I turned up just before the polls closed. Observers were getting kicked out, people were yelling and screaming, those metallic guys kept saying ‘delete’… In the end, I just gave up and voted for Aaron Rodgers.”


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