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Has Fallen Franchise Reboot?

Los Angeles, CA – After raking in over $523m worldwide across three films, it’s no surprise that Gerard Butler will return for a fourth film in the Has Fallen franchise.

Alan Siegel and Gerard Butler, amongst others, will produce Night Has Fallen.

A fourth film notwithstanding, Siegel is considering expanding the franchise given the recent controversy regarding the election. “We’re planning more films. It’s not going to be a reboot, more like an alternative telling. The first film is going to be Olympus is Stolen.”

Butler is enthusiastic at the potential but is nonetheless cautious. “I think Olympus is Stolen can work. I am a law graduate so maybe my character can work that angle before resorting to shooting people in the face. I doubt London is Stolen will work though. Who wants to steal London anyway?! It’s a crap hole of warm beer and soccer hooligans.”

Olympus is Stolen

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