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Size-6 Model Considers Plus-size Career

Sydney, Australia – Tiff Conway is a size-6 model, and although her career has been successful so far, she wants to diversify her portfolio.

“I’ve always respected plus-size models, so I want to do some plus-size modelling,” said Conway.

Last week, she submitted her folio to Barges Inc., a plus-size modelling agency.

“While we appreciate all the work Ms Conway has done, she isn’t a good fit for us,” said Cate Burgess, spokesperson for the agency. “She is, of course, free to put on about thirty kilograms and we’ll reconsider.”

Conway is a little disappointed. “I don’t want to gain weight because I still want to model as a size-6. It’s just that I want to model as a plus-size as well since, deep down, I can relate to them [plus-size models] and there’s a part of me that identifies as one of them. I guess you can call me ‘transfat’—I mean, I eat enough of it before I work it off.”

Burgess, however, is adamant about the actual size of their models. “We’re happy to represent transgender models who are plus-size but they have to be bigger than size 12. I’m not sure how to find work for transfat models.”

Conway is still hopeful that she will get an opportunity to debut as a transfat model in the near future. “Maybe one day… Or maybe I start my own agency and call it Lovingly Larded or something.”

plus-size models

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