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Protestors: Planet Earth Homophobic for Making Monkeypox

New York City, NY – In response to WHO’s declaration that monkeypox is a global health emergency, small protests have erupted in NYC.

Protestors: Planet Earth Homophobic for Making Monkeypox

“It’s good that the WHO is concerned about our health, including the LGBQ-whatever community,” said Dana Broughton, spokesperson for human-rights group Freedom Around the Globe (FAG). “But to single out ‘men who have sex with men’ is just homophobic.”

Some protestors, however, are not so concerned about what the WHO stated.

“I think planet Earth is homophobic cos it made a disease that discriminates against us,” said Dave. Although he appreciates the work FAG does, he is not a member.

“I am not sure what’s going on,” said Sergeant Livingston of NYPD assigned to maintain order at the protests. “I recognize some of these people from the other day protesting to protect the planet and climate change and all that, and now they want to burn the place down.”


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