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Poland Issues NOTAM for “Unplanned Military Activity”

As if it wasn’t obvious enough that the deep state has been pushing for WWIII all this time, the ridiculous $118-billion bill on border security which has over half of it designated for Ukraine is another clue. But shoving money into someone’s bank account in Ukraine is, sadly, business as usual.

What is less talked about is the NOTAM issued by the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA) that is in effect along the eastern border from February 5 to May 5 due to “UNPLANNED MILIARY [sic] ACTIVITY RELATED TO ENSURING STATE SECURITY CAN BE EXPECTED WITHIN THE AREA.”

NOTAMs are common but for “unplanned military activity” near a theater is seemingly less so. Either they think Russia may accidentally-on-purpose do something or NATO (that is, the collective deep state of the West) plan on accidentally-on-purpose do something. Also keep in mind we heading out of winter and into spring.


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