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Not So Quiet on the Western Fronts

Regardless of Russian intentions in Ukraine, it is clear that certain elements of the West are desperately trying to escalate. (By “certain elements”, I mean the psychopaths who are pushing for their programmed WWIII for the purposes of generating more mayhem before consolidating control for their so-called New World Order, but that is another topic.)

Well, in case their efforts to escalate aren’t clear enough, look at the situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan now. Azerbaijan is supported by the West and Turkey. Keep in mind that Azerbaijan works closely with the West regarding oil as well as having signed a deal in July 2022 with the EU to increase natural gas supply. And, not surprisingly, Turkey and Armenia don’t like each other.

Armenia is one of the six founding members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) along with Russia, and has officially asked Russia for help.

In addition, Georgia is considering holding a referendum to see if the people want to go to war against Russia by opening a “second front”. Keep in mind that Georgia works with NATO and aspires to become a member. Also, like Ukraine, Georgia hosts US biolabs.

The timing of these latest events is a bit suss.

Update (16 Sep 2022): If one believes this report, Iran has deployed 50,000 troops to the Armenian border. Turkey is possibly deploying 45,000 troops to the area.

Meanwhile, there has been a ceasefire since Wednesday night and CSTO officials are investigating the situation and have not so far committed to anything. There are already approximately 2,000 Russian troops in the area serving as peacekeepers since the last major conflict in 2020.


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