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Jaffe Memo and Population Control

There are many references to population control floating out there. One of the more well-known is the “Jaffe Memo”, a 9-page response dated 11 March 1969 from then-VP of Planned Parenthood Frederick S. Jaffe to Bernard Berelson of the Population Council.

Berelson sought “ideas on necessary and useful activities relevant to formation of population policy”; that is, how to control population growth. It should also be noted that the Population Council was founded by John D. Rockefeller III in 1952.

In the memo are discussed the usual things like contraception, and the effects of economic and education policies. There is no point in summarizing such a quick read but if one really can’t read nine pages, then one can simply look at the table on the last page reproduced below.

As one can see below, suggestions include promoting ideas that oppose marriage and family, control agents in the water supply, economic policies that discourage having children, and increased access to contraception, amongst other things. Whilst not all these measures have been widely implemented, it at minimum shows intent.

Jaffe Memo, page 9.
Jaffe Memo, page 9.

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