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Unsafe: America’s Abortion Industry Endangers Women by AUL

Unsafe: America’s Abortion Industry Endangers Women published by Americans United for Life (AUL) is a “50-state investigation and analysis of all publicly available abortion facility inspection reports generated over the past ten years.”

AUL’s legal staff reviewed over 25,000 pages of documents obtained through FOIA. These consisted of over 1,200 abortion facility inspection reports from 39 states. It should be noted that abortion businesses in 15 states do not have state government regulations and therefore have no state inspection reports, although 4 do have federal inspection reports.

Unsafe: America’s Abortion Industry Endangers Women by AUL

The text starts with an introduction and an executive summary, followed by a few articles, but it is in essence a book that covers the violations committed by abortion clinics, many of them very serious. One section runs through each state and discusses its violations. Another section runs through each category of violation followed by a list of the guilty clinics. Together, they take up approximately half of the 197 pages.

The violations include unsanitary environments, grossly inappropriate storage and disposal of remains and medical wastes, improperly trained staff, unlicensed staff, outdated medications and supplies, improper and poorly maintained equipment, patient neglect including simple matters such as failing to record patient’s vital signs, protecting and enabling sexual abusers, amongst other things. Sadly, these are not isolated incidents but seem to be numerous and ongoing.

Despite the page count and the two-column format, it is well-designed and easy to skim.

The book is freely available for download at:


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