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Is an Unreported Crime Still a Crime?

Chicago, IL – Crime is reportedly dropping in some cities in the US. Some argue that leftist-run cities are simply not reporting the crime statistics. For others, it is a philosophical issue.

“If government agencies don’t record and report a crime, does it make it a crime?” asks Kane Muddleson, a philosophy major student. “I mean, I’ve always thought if a tree falls but no one is there, then it doesn’t make a sound. Or maybe if I don’t pay my student debt, then it doesn’t exist.”

Muddleson leans towards agreeing with the government that if the crime isn’t recorded, then it never happened. He is, however, open to other possibilities.

“Maybe it’s Schrödinger’s stat, it’s like a crime and not a crime as long as we don’t look too hard,” he added.

Muddleson said on Wednesday that he planned to write a thesis on the topic. However, he has since gone missing and his dorm was ransacked with most of his belongings also missing. Police have not responded to requests for comment.

Is an Unreported Crime Still a Crime?

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