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HK Set Meals with Pork and Carrot Soup Not Selling Well

HK Set Meals with Pork and Carrot Soup Not Selling Well

Hong Kong SAR, China – Set meals with pork and carrot soup, particularly if cha siu bao (steamed BBQ pork buns) is also part of the meal, are suddenly not selling well in Hong Kong.

cha siu bao

“I don’t know what’s going on,” said Kevin, owner of an eatery in Central. “I know it’s just some generic broth with carrots and radishes, nothing special, but people typically have it if it’s part of their meals.”

A restauranteur in Tsim Sha Tsui even had patrons walk out on him. “I put down the complimentary soup to start dinner as usual and they all just get up and leave,” said Wong. “Some even throw up on their way out, and they haven’t even had anything yet! If nobody wants it, how am I going to get rid of all the soup? We’ve got three pots!”

Ten-year-old elementary school student Patricia, however, takes a different view. “I hate that stuff, everyone’s mother or grandmother makes it all the time,” she said. “The real problem is if I try to get rid of it now, people will suspect I’m disposing of body parts in soup.”


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