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Lutheran Man Chugs Communion Wine

Chicago, IL – A man has been “sort of” excommunicated for chugging the entire cup of communion wine during the service at a local Lutheran church.

Lutheran Man Chugs Communion Wine

The pastor had to refill the cup but, in the end, there was insufficient wine for the entire congregation.

Whilst the pastor criticized the act as “possibly a bit sacrilegious”, the man claimed that he felt “spiritually weak and needed more strength.”

“Look, I’m not an alcoholic and the wine used here is rough as guts anyway,” said the man, “so it’s not like I really wanted to drink it… I mean, my wife told me to do it.”

The pastor “sort of” excommunicated the man, then “sort of” lifted it. “If he weren’t the congregation’s highly skilled tax accountant,” he said, “I would have considered properly excommunicating him and his wife.”

However, the man cited 1 Timothy 5:23 where Apostle Paul advises Timothy to “use a little wine” as biblical support for his actions. “It was only one cup,” said the man. “And anything goes if you can just cite one verse. Isn’t that how it usually works?”


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