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Elon Musk Terminates Twitter Deal: Half the Board Are Fake Too

Elon Musk Terminates Twitter Deal: Half the Board Are Fake Too

Austin, TX – Elon Musk has terminated the deal to buy Twitter.

“Not only are half the accounts fake,” said Musk, “half the board are fake too. I don’t know if they’re AI or lizard people or what but they aren’t real. They definitely haven’t answered my emails.”

Twitter’s board via the company’s legal department issued a statement that they are “committed to closing the transaction”.

“Well, of course they are,” said Musk. “They obviously don’t want to give me the data about the fake accounts and they can’t admit that they don’t want to, else it’ll drop the sale price and shares. Of course them fake bitches try to sue me.”

Twitter has filed the lawsuit in the state of Delaware.

“Wow, Delaware, the state that has produced a lot of sleepy people,” added Musk. “I bet half the office workers are fake too… but I guess that’s every office.”


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