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CK One Renamed to CK Ninety-one

New York City, NY – CK has announced that the fragrance CK One will now be released as CK Ninety-one in recognition of all the genders out there.

“We realized that the usual ‘For Him’ and ‘For Her’ is a bit limiting,” said CK spokesperson Nat Lee. “Of course, we’re not actually releasing ninety-one variants because that would be unrealistic.”

The company has reassured its loyal customers that the current fragrance range with that signature fruity aroma will remain unchanged.

“We wouldn’t dream of changing such a fan favorite,” said Lee. “We just considered making ninety-one different packaging designs—like CK One #1, CK One #2—using numbers since there’s no way we can get all the right pronouns to make everyone happy. But then we realized all the woke environmentalists might go crazy on us, even if the overall number of packages produced don’t change much.”

But someone in CK’s marketing department is clearly a genius. “Yeah, for sure,” said Lee with a chuckle. “By changing it to CK Ninety-one, we can keep the fragrance and the usual ‘For Him’ and ‘For Her’ categories while superficially acknowledging the ninety-one genders or whatever number we’re up to.”

For those who don’t like the new name for whatever reason, Lee has a simple solution: “There’s always CK Escape which is fruity and sweet. It’s my personal favorite, anyway.”


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