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Australian PM: Control of “Misogynistic” Content Online

Canberra, ACT – Prime Minister Anthony Albanese called for a “debate” on the control of “misogynistic” content online.

“By ‘debate’, I don’t really mean a discussion, it’s what the government will do regardless,” said Albanese, “and that is wholesale tracking and monitoring content using AI.”

When asked to clarify the type of content to be tracked and monitored, Albanese answered, “Oh, by ‘misogynistic’, I don’t just mean stuff about hating women, I mean everything that remotely contradicts my position, even if I haven’t sorta said it yet.”

The prime minister mentioned that “one woman dies every few days but not sure from what exactly cos the definitions are vague and change all the time—just sounds like an important statistic, ya know”.

Bridget, 40, however, doesn’t understand the need for a “debate” when it comes to violence against women.

“First, call the cops even if they’re probably not gonna do anything,” she said, “and then call all your friends and ask them to bring a blunt instrument. The only ‘debate’ is whether to use a baseball bat or a cricket bat.”

The prime minister advises against resorting to violence.

“People may not take the law into their own hands. Violence leads to violence blah blah blah,” he said, “I know it doesn’t make sense because we’re total wusses who can’t handle a few flares from a Chinese aircraft.”

Australian PM: Control of “Misogynistic” Content Online

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