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AUKUS: Three “Democracies” Run by Three Stooges

At this rate, Australia might sorta get a nuclear-powered submarine by the time World War IV is about to finish.

Apparently, Australia will work on a new design that is based on a UK design, but obviously working with both the UK and US. Presumably as a stopgap measure, three to five Virginia-class subs will be purchased.

Not sure how that would work since there is a bit of backlog for the US Navy. Are they going to be second-hand subs or newly constructed Block V series?

China is obviously bitching about it. Not sure why… I mean, they could (attempt to) take Taiwan about ten times before the first Aussie sub is ready for service.

But funnier than that are the three “leaders” in San Diego making their announcements.

UK PM Rishi Sunak: “…we represent three allies, who have stood shoulder to shoulder together for more than a century, three peoples who have shed blood together … and three democracies that are coming together again…”

I am pretty sure that it was more like the Brits pushing other people to get shot at and to bleed first. That history, of course, is not Mr Sunak’s fault but he should know better since the Brits abused Indians too.

But anyway, as for “three democracies”… well, that’s interesting because I am pretty sure Mr Sunak was not actually voted into office, Mr Biden blatantly cheated and Mr Albanese might not have but he’s still… whatever.

Virginia-class submarine Minnesota (SSN-783) (Photo: US Navy, 2012)
Virginia-class submarine Minnesota (SSN-783) (Photo: US Navy, 2012)

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