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A Few Observations…

A few interesting observations from the past week:

  • Last Friday, another executive jumped ship: Facebook PR Head John Pinette resigned.

  • It has been confirmed that Resident Biden will deliver his State of the Union address on March 1, an address usually given in late January. Not sure what he has to say assuming he can put a sentence together. External pressure to delay?

  • European Parliament President David Sassoli died on Tuesday of immune system complications. Another vaccine-related death? How many does it take to wake people up?

  • Meanwhile, more generally, the news of Omicron being conveniently more infectious, more vaccine-evasive, but unstable with milder effects punches a few more holes in the lamestream narrative. Its convenience does beg the question of its origin, including the possible involvement from mice. Some countries seem to backtrack on some of their plandemic rules whilst others are desperately pushing vaccine mandates.

  • Project Veritas released documents regarding Fauci’s gain-of-function studies.

  • Shifting to global politics, Kazakhstan is worthy of attention since anyone worth mentioning has an interest in that country, rightly or wrongly. However one looks at it, someone has opened another front.

  • North Korea apparently launched a hypersonic missile which mainstream media paints as a bit of a new fad. Is North Korea developing it on its own or is China handing stuff over to them? Either way, it’s not really a fad. It’s no secret that some countries were already working on this variation of hypersonic propulsion 20 years ago (if not earlier), and that’s the stuff we’re allowed to know about. I see this as more of an indication of China using North Korea to muddy the waters a little.

It is impossible to form any conclusion other than that it seems the good guys and bad guys are still going at it.


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