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You Haveta Start Somewhere, Right?

If one can make it past… past… the st… stammering or whatever, Biden apparently thinks that you need F-15s and maybe some nukes in order to take on the government.

Well, not that I work in that sector but I am certain that agencies around the world, including American ones, have managed coups or regime changes with a lot less than air superiority and nukes.

But taking the argument as is: one may need F-15s and nukes but since one may not legally possess them, it’s fine to further restrict or ban lesser weapons such as firearms anyway. Right. And the logic in that is?

I suppose both sides can argue that “you haveta start somewhere” so I can see this ending well.

Biden on C-SPAN

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1 Comment

Jun 25, 2021

He speaks with “forked” tongue and the grey matter has turned to jello.

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