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What is Weiner Up To and Is It All Just Theatre?

Below is an excerpt from the PBD Podcast, Episode 287, where Patrick Bet-David interviews Anthony Weiner:

At face value, you have to give credit to both Patrick Bet-David and Anthony Weiner. PBD was professional even though you could clearly tell he did not like Weiner one bit. And Weiner agreed to do the show even though he had to know he was going to be put through the wringer.

As the interview progressed and heated up, the other two co-hosts were clearly in the passenger seats going along for the ride. Their silence and expressions spoke volumes as they watched two alphas going at it. I do hesitate to refer to Weiner as an alpha, but in my opinion, he did a. take the barrage of comments and questions about him personally pretty well considering the environment, and b. defend his position unwaveringly, however indefensible it is to people who have researched him and his past.

At one point, one of the cohosts tries to moderate the two, but for the most part, it was like watching a heavyweight battle from the 80s a la Tyson or Foreman or Holyfield—no ref was going to interfere with destiny.

Again, on the surface, at face value, this was very entertaining.


  1. Why did Anthony Weiner appear in the first place?

  2. What does he have to gain by doing a podcast like this?

There’s no doubt that, even though he is not in American politics anymore, he has an agent or staff marketing him and calculating all his moves.

  1. Is he writing a book?

  2. Is he trying to make his return to politics and testing the public waters?

  3. Why brave so much heat?

I’ve suspected since 2020 that PBD was a closet Republican. I think he’s still in the closet technically but you can read the writing on the wall. He likes to play the ‘all angles’ route, which is fine. It’s a good technique for a podcaster. Similar to Joe Rogan and his approach. But uprooting your business from CA to TX and then to FL is no easy task. Heck, it’s hard for small families to make that move let alone huge companies. Now does this alone indicate he is a Republican? No, but you can tell he agrees more with the right than the left just by how he reacts to his growing list of political guests. Maybe that’s a reflection of the guests themselves as well. But in any case, PBD benefits hugely from an interview like this one. It’s engaging, dramatic content that escalates like a top-of-the-line thrill ride. I’m sure this one will rank high up on his list of most viewed, most talked about episodes when all is said and done just because of the theatrics.

What I thought was interesting was how Weiner acknowledged PBD’s passive mentions of frazzle drip and the supposed people who died after seeing the contents of his wife, Huma Abedin’s laptop. Was PBD trying to smear Weiner a little bit? What was the motive for mentioning those things? Was PBD trying to get Weiner on the defensive and get the reaction that Weiner gave to the actual question PBD eventually asked him? Was he riling Weiner up so that the exchange would be more heated, and thus, the interview more compelling?

It leads me to believe that this is all theatre. Owen Benjamin says it best. The right and the left play the same game and we are all pawns. We're being used as slaves for our labor, our wages, and once in a while, our contributions to the advancing world. We're more important as toilet cleaners and parking lot attendants and personal assistants than we are free thinkers and respected individuals. To them, we are too many cooks in the kitchen.

What do you think? What did you think of the interview? What do you think were the underlying motives for this interview, both from PBD's and Weiner's side? Let us know your thoughts!


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