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Let’s Dig. But Only Where We Are Comfortable.

In recent months, I have noticed an increase in online posts and discussions regarding how Adolf Hitler had countered certain agenda, actions that are seldom discussed. Some of these agenda may be crudely labeled as “liberal” whilst others may be attributed to “Jews”.

This is somewhat refreshing since mainstream history typically over-simplifies Hitler’s actions. He was no doubt an evil bastard, just not merely for what the lamestream promotes.

Despite the increase in awareness of some subjects, others remain undiscussed. Let me do what some on social media like to do: ask vague (and possibly loaded) rhetorical questions that pretend to go somewhere but don’t. Except I will try to go somewhere.

Did Spain participate in WWII?

What happened in Spain from 1936 to 1939?

During that civil war, which two sides were involved?

Which group(s) did the communists particularly target?

Who was assassinated a few days before the war started?

Who led the nationalists against the republicans (communists)?

Who was Francisco Franco Bahamonde?

How is he portrayed by lamestream history?

Why isn’t Franco and the Spanish Civil War talked about more in the West?

Francisco Franco Bahamonde
Francisco Franco Bahamonde

Whilst Hitler may have said and done some things one can sympathize with, he did in fact persecute Christians. Whatever he did, he obviously did not do it in defense of the Church. That and German nazism have an occult connection which some still don’t talk about.

As for Franco, he is painted as a Hitler but, unlike him, Franco is conveniently not talked about much beyond giving that unflattering impression…

My point is that what Hitler did can be talked about without bringing up religion and the Church. But the same cannot be said about Franco and the Spanish Civil War.

Hundreds of churches were destroyed in the months leading up to the war, amongst all the other issues of that era (which I don’t presume to know about). A proximate trigger for the war was the assassination by the communists of patriot and Catholic politician Joseph Calvo Sotelo. In June 1936, he denounced in parliament what the communists were doing. Under the pretext of official business, the police picked him up at home in the early hours of July 13. He was shot in the vehicle and his body was ditched at the gates of some cemetery.

Joseph Calvo Sotelo
Joseph Calvo Sotelo

The communists assassinated/executed many priests and nuns during the conflict. It is known that Franco was a devout Catholic. There were no doubt all types on both sides and not every individual who fought under Franco was a Christian, but it was in essence a mutual slaughter between an overtly Christian force and an overtly anti-Christian force. It is no bombast to say that the war was a crusade. In less than three years of fighting, there were in the ballpark of one hundred thousand combatants KIA on each side, and this does not include all the other deaths.

The country may have half gone down the drain since but Catholic Spain beat the communists in 1939. And if the prophecies are true, there will be more of this kind of slaughter (and worse).

But we can’t talk about this rather significant chapter in (Church) history because that would make the irreligious and the modern pseudo-fundamentalist protestant uncomfortable as they think everything outside their little box is wrong or irrelevant.


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