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Victorian Lockdown Applies to Astronauts

Melbourne, Australia – The Premier of Victoria, Dan Andrews, has announced that the latest lockdown will be extended, and “this also applies to astronauts”.


“I know it’s only ten or twenty cases, the number doesn’t really matter,” said Andrews, “because it’s important we stop the spread of these new and scary variants, regardless of which Greek letter we use.”

The premier reminded Victorians that the only reasons to leave home are going to work, shopping, exercising or fulfilling carer’s responsibilities. Masks are mandatory indoors. “I understand astronauts on the International Space Station are wearing a spacesuit when they go out for a spacewalk but they still must wear a mask inside their spacesuit because being in a spacesuit is like being indoors and they must be 1.5m apart.”

When reminded that there are no Victorians currently on the ISS, the premier answered that the lockdown rules still apply if and when the ISS “is orbiting directly overhead Victoria, even if its altitude is over 400km”.


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