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No Vaccine Passports Bill Introduced in Australia

With parts of Australia in lockdown again, reportedly in part over the Delta variant, and the lamestream media pushing the vaccine as if it’s “safe and effective” despite evidence to the contrary, it is a pleasant surprise to see the “No Domestic COVID Vaccine Passports Bill 2021”.

The bill was introduced and first read by MP Craig Kelly on 21 June 2021. The text can be found at the Australian Federal Register of Legislation website or the Parliament website. As the title indicates, it is domestic only and “does not prevent the Commonwealth from issuing a COVID vaccine passport for the purpose of enabling a person to comply with a foreign law relating to international travel.” (Section 11)

Nevertheless, this bill can still mean a lot domestically as Commonwealth, States and Territories “must not issue COVID vaccine passports”. The bill also contains the usual “discrimination” clauses. (Section 7 – Section 10)

It will be interesting to see if this goes anywhere.


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