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Status Quo Cold War or Status Quo Hot-positioning?

So far, I have mostly avoided tracking the reported activities of the US military and the Trump camp after the fake Inauguration Day for two reasons. The first is that I have no direct knowledge and the second is that some commentators have been covering it well, so there is no point repeating it all here. But now, the circumstances in Ukraine warrant a few comments.

US Election Aftermath (So Far)

First, a few interesting observations re the US in recent months:

  • Biden had to charter his own plane to get to the Inauguration Day.

  • Biden didn’t get the 21-gun salute but the 10-gun salute.

  • Washington DC fenced in with 2000 National Guard deputized by US Marshals, presumably their authority is required when dealing with federal employees.

  • A two-star general accidentally-on-purpose mentions “peaceful transition to the military power”. By the way, this is arguably permitted according to US Law of War Manual 11.2–11.5.

  • White House seemingly dark with no activity, including blackout on one particular morning surrounded by what appears to be vans. No official reports of actual arrests so other possibilities have to be considered, like cleaning out tunnels.

  • Oval Office is obviously a set.

  • US military flights have generally increased from the usual according the commentators like Monkey Werx.

  • Biden has yet to board the 747 that usually serves as Air Force One. He only seems to have boarded the Boeing C-32 that typically serves as Air Force Two. (I know “Air Force One” is the callsign, but that is beside the point. Monkey Werx also points out that Biden’s plane’s transponder is never called Air Force One.)

  • Although there is no rule stating specifically when POTUS has to give the State of the Union Address, it is usually done by mid-February. However, a new president may not have anything to report so that is consistent to previous practice.

  • A list of high-profile resignations and deaths. People quit their jobs and quit life all the time, but it has been seemingly high. This includes the death of Benjamin de Rothschild (age 57 years) in January 2021.

The list goes on, indications that the Biden-administration is not merely illegitimate but outright fake, and with much activity in the background. With the evidence of voter fraud that can be traced to parties overseas, including the Vatican, it is as if the “good guys” (whoever they are) are waiting for the right time to finish everything off and do so publicly.

I can only speculate that they have not done so for tactical reasons, that there is at least one thing they haven’t covered. The most obvious reason to come to mind is a “doomsday device” or “doomsday scenario” by the bad guys. It can be something as relatively simple as Jack Bauer hasn’t found the last suitcase nuke, but chances are it’s something more complicated.

The Hot Zones

In the meantime, “they” can still start WWIII via their puppets around the world.

Hal Turner has reported in the past few weeks that Ukraine has amassed thousands of troops with armor to the borders of the three regions which are pro-Russian. Russia has responded in kind with troop and armor deployments as well. There is also a report on March 23 that Belarus has also moved armor to their border. And all this when NATO just happens to be doing exercises nearby.

Lamestream media has mostly not reported on this except for a glimpse. I do not know Turner and I have no way of directly verifying the above which is why I have not mentioned it. But now, the circumstances are increasingly compelling, which supports his reports. I did ask someone I know who has ties to Ukraine. They told me that their contacts haven’t heard anything specific yet, but the situation has been generally deteriorating. The mood is one of “things are happening, so it’s no surprise if true”. This corresponds to Ukrainian media which have been reporting fighting, obviously from their (probably biased) point-of-view.

Consider the below which occurred in March. Dates are approximate as they are based on the date of report publication. Taken in isolation, none of these are significant, just the usual games one might have seen during the Cold War but, taken together, is cause for concern.

Keep in mind that the weather in Europe is getting better. If the ground isn’t good enough for vehicles now, it will be soon.

The Historical-Prophetical Angle

Let’s keep in mind that “they” have three world wars planned. Two have already happened and it’s supposed to be the end of WWIII when they usher in their NWO in full.

Catholic prophecy, taken collectively, indicate four world wars amidst revolutionary activities. WWIII will be a “short” war that involves Europe and Russia. During or towards the end of WWIII, God intervenes with a “Chastisement” (in addition to the war) and “Miracle”, thus prevent the NWO from taking its final step of outright destroying the Church and subjugating humanity. But this does not occur before much death and destruction as punishment on humanity. Christianity is re-established afterward. There is a short peace followed by people being stupid again and WWIV, the final conflict before the Second Coming.

Prophecy does not necessarily elaborate on the “mechanics” and (proximate) causes leading to WWIII. As usual, it depends on what excuse works at the time. For WWI, the convenient assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the excuse of the day. So, here I will not comment on the goals of each faction, what US, Russia, China or Ukraine may want, and who is aligned with who. Alliances can change anyway. Basically, “they” want to usher in their NWO and each of its factions wants to come out on top.

The GFC in 2008 could have precipitated war but didn’t. Interestingly, the engineered economic wreck in the late 1920s didn’t immediately lead to WWII. It happened about 10 years after. This time, we are just beyond that point. US, Russia and China all do their share of going around and cheating and bombing and pillaging anyway. They are fighting on a relatively small scale and via their proxies in Syria, whilst China is maintaining a firm posture in South China Sea, amongst other locations. But so far, no one has come to official, full-scale blows. Are “they” desperate to finish off their plan? That does explain how hard “they” are pushing the scamdemic as well as their efforts in undermining Trump.

In my opinion, Trump is an outsider who has thrown a few spanners in the works and delayed things. Maybe the good guys are on the verge of a historic win. However, the psychopaths who run the world are capable of anything, so what is happening in Ukraine and South China Sea is disconcerting.

Note: Hal Turner’s website is in part for subscribers. Some of his material is freely available to all for a short period, so the links should work but you may not access the full article.


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