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Ring the Population Alarm but Don’t Commit Suicide or Anything…

It is mildly interesting that those who ring the alarm for the population and the planet generally don’t commit to any solution. Take the latest example: “Climate justice gets harder as world population passes 8 billion” by Gloria Dickie.

As expected, the article is just waffle. Dickie opens by pointing out that the “world population surged past 8 billion people on Tuesday” and then mentions a few possible problems in the future.

Whether its [sic] food or water, batteries or gasoline, there will be less to go around as the global population adds another 2.4 billion people by the 2080s, according to U.N. projections.

She doesn’t explicitly state it but the implication is clearly that there are too many people. She also does not clearly propose solutions but there are hints. From the fourth paragraph:

Resource pressure will be especially daunting in African nations, where populations are expected to boom, experts say. These are also among the countries most vulnerable to climate impacts, and most in need of climate finance.

Wow… “climate finance”, almost sounds as bad as “speed of science”. And below is the third-last paragraph:

And having more people on the planet puts more pressure on nature, as people compete with wildlife for water, food and space. But how much they consume is equally important, suggesting policymakers can make a big difference by mandating a shift in consumption patterns.

Again, there is nothing explicit, but it is not a stretch to read “mandating a shift in consumption patterns” as a means to depopulate—might as well state “stop eating”.

In any case, if people honestly believe that the population is going to cause resource problems, they should commit suicide right now with a short note rather than burdening us with another article.


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