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Not surprisingly, more countries are continuing to consider if not planning to have something like a “vaccine passport”—Sweden and Denmark are apparently working on it, the UK is “not really but really we are thinking about it” and Australia too is apparently working on it.

As pointed out by many already and even a few times here at Opinyuns, according to Dr Peter Doshi, the vaccine trials weren’t even designed to test whether it prevents transmission, amongst other things that it should test.

So the logic behind having a vaccine passport or certificate for the purposes of traveling is…?

If only there’s a vaccine for the psychopathic puppet masters who run this world and a vaccine for the full retards who act as their puppets.

And by the way, just a minor sidebar: Children’s Health Defense has a convenient article summarizing the deaths and adverse events due to COVID vaccines. As of 29 January 2021, 11,249 total adverse events, including 501 deaths, have been reported. The data is taken from CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Let’s do some back-of-the-envelope math. Some vaccinees have received both doses but for the sake of simplicity, let’s ignore that.

11,249 adverse events for 35,000,000 vaccinees: ~32.1 adverse events for 100,000 vaccinees. Or, to put it differently: 1 adverse event per 3,111 vaccinees.

Even if one assumes all vaccinees received two doses, that is still ~16.05 adverse events per 100,000 doses.

Compare the above to the supposedly safe MMR vaccine: ~5 adverse events per 100,000 doses or ~1 adverse event per 20,000 doses.

Well, that’s nice.


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