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Panic in Poland?

With Russia threatening war over Ukraine and demanding from NATO certain “security guarantees”, it is no surprise that those who live in eastern Europe may be concerned.

Hal Turner reported on December 12, apparently based on a social media post, that due to panic students in Poland are withdrawing en masse from universities to study in eastern Ukraine instead.

I cannot see English lamestream media covering this. What a surprise.

Thankfully, my Polish source can confirm that university students leaving Poland is generally true. To what extent it is panic over a possible war with Russia is another matter.

Meanwhile, the US has no qualms sending a Boeing RC-135W recon aircraft into Ukraine. As if that’s not provocative even if it’s not uncommon.

2021 December 16 approx. UTC 08:58 (ADS-B Exchange,
2021 December 16 approx. UTC 08:58 (ADS-B Exchange,

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